About Us

Dr. Heewa Faraj, an esteemed family practitioner, healthcare advisor, preventive cares and weight manaments, boasts over two decades of dedicated experience in the medical field. As the founder and driving force behind Hope Internal Medicine, Dr. Faraj has been a stalwart presence in the healthcare community.

Embarking on his career in Virginia, Dr. Faraj quickly became renowned for his clinical acumen and compassionate care. With a deep commitment to patient well-being, he expanded his professional footprint to Pennsylvania, where he continued to make a positive impact on the lives of those under his care.

Dr. Faraj is characterized by his passion for providing comprehensive healthcare services with a personalized touch. Over the years, he has cultivated a reputation for going above and beyond the call of duty, ensuring that each patient not only receives expert medical attention but also experiences genuine empathy and understanding throughout their healthcare journey.

Hope Internal Medicine, under Dr. Heewa Faraj's leadership, stands as a testament to his commitment to excellence. The clinic mirrors his values of integrity, compassion, and a dedication to fostering an environment where health and well-being flourish.

In addition to his clinical prowess, Dr. Faraj remains at the forefront of medical advancements, ensuring that his patients benefit from the latest in healthcare innovation. His enduring dedication to the field, coupled with his sincere passion for making a positive impact, establishes Dr. Heewa Faraj as a prominent figure in family medicine, healthcare advisory services and weight management .

Certifications include: double board certified American board of medicine and American board of obesity

Our Services

Weight Loss Management:

Tailored weight loss programs with a focus on sustainable results.

Nutritional guidance and lifestyle modifications for long-term well-being.

Comprehensive Primary Care:

Expert primary care services tailored to individual needs.

Annual check-ups and routine screenings for proactive health management.

Preventive Care:

Specialized preventive measures to ward off potential health issues.

Vaccinations, screenings, and lifestyle guidance for a healthier future.

Age and Risks Related Disease Management:

Personalized care addressing age-specific health concerns.

Proactive management of risks, including cancer and non-cancerous conditions.

Skin Care:

Dermatological services for skin health and aesthetics.

Treatment plans for various skin conditions, promoting overall skin wellness.

Chronic Disease Management:

Specialized care for chronic conditions to enhance quality of life.

Ongoing support, monitoring, and adjustments to manage chronic illnesses effectively.

Chronic Care Management for Medicare Patients:

Dedicated services for Medicare patients, ensuring comprehensive care for chronic issues.

Proactive management of chronic conditions covered by Medicare.